DNS Tools
DNS Tools / Whois

DNS Tools provides complete DNS lookup for a domain, of all record types including A, MX, CNAME, NS, PTR, SOA, TXT, AAAA in a single query.

WHOIS is also provided, including lookup of IP netblock owners.

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Header queries and Post data

Headers provides information on what Request headers are being provided by your browser for either GET or POST queries. Provides insight into what information your browser is volunteering.

Response headers from a website for either GET or POST requests. Post body, authentication and header data can be provided with your POST query

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Simple subnet calculator

Provides a simple subnet calculator to provide start and end address of a network. You provide a CIDR or an IP and Net mask

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Mail server

All you wanted to know about yout mail server config. Provides data on your MX records and their precedence, and in-depth analysis of your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records, recursively!

It also queries the MX server SMTP capabilities, and can provide you with TLS certificate innformation

Coming soon: Auto config analysis

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Not a password generator. Not a password safe! This tool can reliably generate a complex password to your specifications by providing a Site, User and Master Password.

Never remember more than 1 (master) password, and forget about synchronising passwords across multiple computers!

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